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Indie in the Big D, the theory and mission is something we have fostered over the last 3 years as we have built our relationships with our clients. The entire idea and concept belongs to those people we are honored to work with and print for. The first festival was a learning experience and really has changed how we view the city we live in.
A little over a year later we have a beautiful network of creative business people who support and promote each other, who collaborate on new endeavors and who are creating their own events as well. It is time to stop working separately and come together. If we share what we know we can grow together. Dallas has the potential to have its’ own independent district. We want to show Dallas what its citizens have to offer, the beauty that is right here in this city. We want to encourage the City of Dallas to support the people of its city, to shop locally; independently. That single decision can create a whole new kind of revenue for our city, and make dreams come true for so many people.
We have created the following pillars as a foundation for Indie in the Big D;

Creating a Sustainable Creative Market 
Small businesses inject a higher percentage of revenue into the community than big box stores.  By supporting local businesses and artists we can create a healthy and sustainable market and help stamp out the idea of the starving artist. We do this by hiring all local businesses from venue locations to electricians, making Indie in the Big D the only 100% locally and independent festival in our area.

Equality and Respect between Artists
Anyone is welcome to participate in our events, regardless of experience or skill level. The support and respect we give our fellow artists will strengthen the art and music scene locally and individually and we encourage all of our participants to support their fellow artists.

Honoring our City’s History and Culture
We are proud of the City we live in and we seek out venues and areas that need our help preserving the culture and history of the area.  

Dedication to Our Craft
We encourage all participants to use this opportunity to try new products, to collaborate with fellow artists, to network and to support each other.

Unity through Community
Each event we host will always feature local non-profit organizations and fundraising efforts as part of the event because we feel it is important to help those who help our city.

After much deliberation and many late night discussions we have come to the decision that our upmost goal is to provide the best possible experience for our vendors. In order to do so we have accepted an offer from a local Deep Ellum venue that is willing to provide us with a prime real estate location both indoors and outdoors with 3 music areas and the unique chance to open up a late night spot for a family friendly event. We have been assured that this will allow us to utilize any funds we raise for the event to spend on promotion for our participants with advertising rather than pay fees for things that will not impact our local economy. The festival this year will be divided into 2 parts; a family friendly market on Crowdus and Main with vendors, drinks and music and then an “After Party” Music Showcase in the evening with 2 stages, live art, a photo booth and vendors inside and outside. This gives us the chance to capture 2 unique audiences; the day trippers coming to Deep Ellum looking to shop and the nightlife crowd who will be delighted to come across an evening outdoor market. We will also be including the 3 restaurants that surround the street portion of the event, allowing us to support even more small businesses. The evening event will have a $5 cover charge, 50% of which will be donated to a local charitable organization that we will announce once we have finalized the paperwork. (Participants will not be required to pay the cover charge) Another unique feature to this years’ event will be the part time booth opportunities- this is perfect for anyone who would like to sell for part of the event and perform during the other part.
We will be hosting a print party at our shop (10930 Switzer Ave #117 75238) and we encourage all of you to come out and pick up some promotional material for the event. This is also a great way to meet your fellow participants and learn a little about screen printing as well. The print party will be Sunday October 19th at 2pm.  You will need to contact us for the gate code and RSVP so we can be sure to have enough refreshments.
This year we will also be having open planning meetings, so anyone who would like to help plan and make decisions for the event is welcome to attend. These meetings will start on Saturday October 4 at 2:30pm to 4 pm, and will be at the same time each consecutive Saturday until the event and also will be held at our shop.

Be sure to register here to get the information first!  If you have already registered we have your info and we will be sending out follow up information as soon as we have it!

Thank you to everyone who has made this dream possible for us!

– Jan and Rosamber Schefferlie
The Alexa Machine Co.